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Our Story

Ron Smith, president of Action Medical, began his journey in 1999. He put all his time and money into selling mobility products. Action Medical slowly grew and eventually expanded into a complete home health store. Mr.Smith went from 2,000 sq feet to over 35,000 sq feet, and is continuing to expand. 

18 years later Smith decided to open Action Wigs & Hair Restoration. He began renovations in the spring of 2017, and opened Action Wigs & Hair Restoration November 1st. Action Wigs & Hair Restoration now employs 7 knowledgeable caring staff, who love what they do. 
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 Immediately after the wigs opened Smith followed with a full line of mastectomy products including forms, bras, and camisoles with private fitting rooms. 
Action Medical is so thankful for all the repeat customers, without their support this local business would not be possible.
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